I got what I wanted in Mexico, it is all packed up and ready to fly. Here is a picture of one of my favorite things I found. Mexico is full of statues like these, all of which can be purchased quite cheaply. I’m not sure if this is actually an authentic piece or if […]

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I just got back from Teotihuacan where I climbed a couple of Aztec pyramids. It is literally a breathtaking experience. It was on these pyramids that the Aztecs sacrificed people. There are two main pyramids, the Sun and the Moon, and a few other smaller ones. One of them I believe is for Quetzalcoatl, who […]

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Sanborns is a major Mexican institution, and is not something you should miss if you come here (I believe they exist all over the country). Sanborns is a strange sort of department store with a cafe. Definitely go for coffee to get a glimpse of the local culture. The food isn’t bad either. This is […]

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