Food Inc. Review

If you haven’t yet seen Food Inc., I’ve got a DVD for you. Just send an email to with the subject line “Food Inc. Please!” The first two emails I get will receive a copy. I was half expecting a graphic expose showing all the horrible things that happens in between getting our food […]

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Los Angeles Tamale Vendors

American Public Media’s Marketplace does a piece on Los Angeles tamale vendors: Selling tamales on the streets of Los Angeles is a dangerous game of hide-and-seek. Tamale vendors, or “Tamaleros,” have to avoid obstacles like gangs, traffic, police and health inspectors to make only about $30 a day. Devin Browne talks to one Tamalero whose […]

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Twitter food

Love it or hate it, people are using Twitter.  (Hell, we might be getting a GoodGoings twitter account for meet ups and such…) The Los Angeles Times travel blog does an article about some NorCal street food vendors using twitter to alert customers of their location (the Kogi Truck of course gets a mention), and […]

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Taco Zone Fire

Molotov cocktails to the Taco zone truck? We haven’t been able to make it up there, but word is they are back up and running.

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