Atwater Carnitas Sandwiches and South Bay Taco Truck Action Taco: El Gallito- Wilmington

More Atwater Food Loving and Tacos from the South Bay that aren’t from El Burrito Junior Vince’s Market’s Carnitas Sandwhich: Atwater Village Vince’s Market is located in one of the residential nooks in Atwater Village in between Fletcher and Glendale Boulevard. It is one of those rare local family owned markets still in existence here […]

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The Semi-Automatic Taco Dispenser

Building the Taco Dream Anthony and I are both 2nd year MFA students at USC’s School of Cinematic Art’s Interactive Media Program. We bonded over a love of weird and historical places in Los Angeles and food- in particular-tacos. And thats pretty much how came to be. In one of our interactive design classes […]

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