El Jefe

the end is near..

…at least for pushcart vendors in Gardena. Matt Korba tips us to the possible end of street vendors in Gardena . There’s an article about it here, and one from the Daily Breeze. Where a person states “..But, I don’t want them here. It’s not healthy. I’m pretty sure if they sell tamales on the […]

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A video podcast about food

For our east coast readers, or those who enjoy some eclectic entertainment, there looks to be a fairly new and very entertaining video podcast brought to us by Fornal Films. In the UnderbellyNYC episodes, Baron Ambrosia exposes the eateries known to locals and ignored by the guidebooks. In Episode 2, the Baron introduces some local […]

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Fish and Chips Stateside

As a follow-up to the last UK fish and chips entry, there is a really good place here in the LA area, more specifically: English House of Fish and Chips 921 S Baldwin Ave, Suite H, Arcadia, CA 91007 626-446-1430 I have no idea how authentic it is being I’ve never been across the Atlantic […]

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Taco Truck Basics

Your Taco Truck Primer… Taco trucks and stands are quite different from the restaurants that serve “tacos”. Tacos from restaurants in the US are filled with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and ground meat. In fact, I am hard pressed to count tacos from restaurants as “true tacos”. True street tacos possess only the essentials. Meat wrapped […]

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Packing Light

When I used to go back country backpacking I would just bring a set of clothes to sleep in, and another set to hike and sweat in, and a few pairs of underwear that get washed in the lake or stream, but it has been a bit harder to apply that strategy in the business […]

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