November 8, 2009

Food Inc. Review

If you haven’t yet seen Food Inc., I’ve got a DVD for you. Just send an email to with the subject line “Food Inc. Please!” The first two emails I get will receive a copy.

I was half expecting a graphic expose showing all the horrible things that happens in between getting our food from farm to the table. Granted, there is still some graphic footage that is needed to help get the point across, but it was such a small percentage of the documentary. This isn’t isn’t like a shock film made by extremists that you’ve might have seen floating around on the internet.

Food Inc. actually shows some people who are actually doing something and making a change, which is rather inspiring. Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm is highlighted in this film, and frankly, after watching his free roaming grass-fed cows and his ways of farming, I’m ready to sign up for the apprenticeship program.

The film also shows how the people working under the farm factories are exploited as much as the animals, and how Monsanto lawyers are a bunch of thugs. If you’ve ever wondered why your pieces of chicken from KFC come with pre-broken bones, you should watch this movie.

Overall, a great movie – go check it out!