March 26, 2007

Rambo’s Taco Truck- On the Corner of Eagle Rock and York Boulvard

Occidental Showdown

Rambo’s Tacos is a staple for the kids over at Occidental. Open late and decently priced, it keeps the good people of Eagle Rock satiated. I lived in Eagle Rock, for a good while, but never gave much thought to the taco Rambo’s offered- they simply offered a late night snack.

I returned to Rambo’s with Anthony- a bit older, wiser, and with a discerning taco tongue. So we put the tacos to the test.

I ordered a batch of carnitas and carne asada tacos. After smothering one of each kind with both salsa verde y roja I took a bite.

The carnitas were a bit on the bland side- crispy, as I tend to prefer, but not very savory. Even with salsa roja- the carnitas were a definite: “m’yeh”.

The carne asada on the other hand, was quite delicious. The pieces were sliced evenly and had a tinge of chardness- which gave them an almost smoky like quality. Biting in yielded
some juicy bites and I was quite impressed.

Unfortunately, Rambo no tiene Horchata- which deeply saddened my poor Panamanian heart. I ran down the street to the veggie taco joint: Leo’s but they offered no refreshment either. Sadly, I ended up dousing my burning tongue with Diet Coke. No bueno.

Still, when your at All Star Lanes getting hammered on cheap whiskey on Saturday Nights- Rambo offers your late night carne fix. Not the best, but not too bad over all.
Rambo’s Tacos
Location: On the Corner of Eagle Rock and York Boulevards in La Ciudad de Eagle Rock
Positives: Price (1.05), Full Variety of Tacos (Lingua to Pollo), Asada is delish
Negatives: “M’yeh” carnitas, NO HORCHATA
Salsa Roja: HOT
Rating: B
Open Daily: 7pm- 2am

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[…] tripas, and even vegetarian (sidenote: another truck offering veg taco options is located near Rambo’s). The carnitas are some of my favorite in the city- as they are flavorful, and slightly crunchy […]

server racks
June 9, 2009 at 9:15 pm

This place is soooo good. I love there tripas and my girl loves their veggie tacos!!!

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