March 18, 2007

Taco Stand- Westmoreland and Pico

South LA Pastor Stylee

It was a cold night, when Anthony and I decided to hunt down a new taco cart. We had heard of some places around 3rd and Rampart, but we decided to pick up a friend who lives around Pico and Alvarado. It’s a lucky thing we did, because on the way out we noticed a crowd of people standing around a construction site.

Anthony declared “Dude, it’s a stand” with a spit of pastor in full view from the road. We immediately busted a U-turn. The cooks were in fine spirits, serving up a long line of customers. After a greeting, I straight up order me some pastor and carnitas- which they were out of- so I rolled with carne asada.

The pastor tacos were phenomenal, with just the right amount of tang and spice independant of salsa. After my initial bite and chew- I doused the suckers with salsa roja and savored the awesomeness. Lately, stands like these have been THE place for pastor tacos, where the meat is delivered not to soggy and not too sweet.
But like other stands, this tends to make the other taco choices suffer. The asada tacos were starkly mediocre, even with some decent salsa verde.
One day, I swear to find a stand that serves horchata, but until then its Orange Crush and Diet Coke with my salsa. One needs some sweetness to douse the sizzle of the al pastor at this joint.

Overall, not too shabby at all- especially for the price.
Rating: B
Horchata Rating: n/a
Salsa Roja: Hot

Positives: Bomb Ass Pastor, Good Salsa

Negatives: No Napkins (they were all out, which is probably a good sign, but still annoying), No Carnitas

Westmoreland and Pico, Near the Construction Site

Los Angeles 90006