March 15, 2007

A video podcast about food

baron ambrosiaFor our east coast readers, or those who enjoy some eclectic entertainment, there looks to be a fairly new and very entertaining video podcast brought to us by Fornal Films.

In the UnderbellyNYC episodes, Baron Ambrosia exposes the eateries known to locals and ignored by the guidebooks. In Episode 2, the Baron introduces some local fare in the form of a chimi churri truck…truck food is good. Tacos come from trucks.
I subscribed to this podcast at Episode 1 as it brought back some gastro-recollections. I’ve eaten at the cuchifritos joint he features and I can vouch that it’s some tasty stuff (Did the lady in the episode look a bit uncomfortable at times?) Well after watching this, I had to do a quick search on chowhound to find a place in LA that had some cuchifritos. It looks like Ciudad might serve some during their happy hour…well hell yes to that.
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