March 9, 2007

Fish and Chips Stateside

As a follow-up to the last UK fish and chips entry, there is a really good place here in the LA area, more specifically:

English House of Fish and Chips
921 S Baldwin Ave, Suite H, Arcadia, CA 91007

I have no idea how authentic it is being I’ve never been across the Atlantic to sample the newspaper wrapped versions, but the fish here is quite good with the batter being crispy and the fish never overcooked and never dry. The fries could use some work, but it’s easily overlooked. I usually order the three piece fish and chips with an order of cole slaw and fresh lemonade. Oh yeah, they’ve got fish tacos too, though I’ve never gotten around to trying them.
The Atwater Newbie has a link to an LA Times has article listing some restaurants that serve up fish and chips, but they neglect to mention the very tasty crispy goodness that is served up at this unassuming eatery at corner of Baldwin and Fairview Ave. in Arcadia.

One Comment on “Fish and Chips Stateside

March 12, 2007 at 3:14 pm

Shh…EJ Malloy’s in Long Beach.

Not too authentic, as it’s small pieces of fish, not the big fillet. But still the best I’ve had (the ones I had in Blighty were not great).

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