March 9, 2007

El Michoacano- Taco Stand- North Hollywood

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El Michoacano-North Hollywood
Anthony and I heard from the husband of one of our professors that a mystical machaca taco hut existed out in North Hollywood. My interest was piqued, as machaca is usually a breakfest beef served with eggs and onions. And I love me some breakfast (next to tacos)- so of course, we had to experience this particular brand of meat between tortillas.

We should have known the night would end up disappointing, after getting lost on the freeway trying to connect to the 170 from the 101. After a twenty mintue detour of jumping on and off the freeways onto random suburb streets, we found El Michoacano. Immediately, I ran up to the stand and ordered the machaca along with asada and carnitas.

All the tacos were served in a home-made tortilla which was heartning at first but the machaca was pretty much flavorless, reminding me of wet corn beef. Machacha is supposed to be a dry type of meat, slightly crunchy and with a hint of chile sauce. It was also served with cabbage which just added to the overall taco weight.
I wish I could say the carnitas were better- but they weren’t. The pork was soggy and flavorless, and the gigantic corn tortillas had me pretty much full after a second bite. I sampled Anthony’s carne asada, and it was suprisingly decent with the salsa roja but overall nothing to write home about.

Still, the service was positive, the price reasonable, and the horchata was excellent. But when one’s mouth isn’t burning from sabor, even great horchata isn’t going to save your ass.
Rating: C
Horchata Rating:
Salsa Roja –

Positives: Machaca, Decent Asada, Price (1.10 per)
Flavorless Carnitas, Way too much meat, have to request which salsa you want, Its in the valley

7201 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91605-3804