February 7, 2007

El Ranchito

I Stumbled upon El Ranchito after a night of cheap drinking and mediocre food at Native in Arcadia. After a pit stop and another pitcher of beer @ The Game we decided to find a taco truck off of Mission. Due to the lack of reliable naivgation we ended @ El Ranchito after passing up an unnamed and closed Taco Truck. Unforgivable, cuz mother fuckers were drunk and ready to hit up any open taco truck.

El Ranchito

So anyways we stop @ El Ranchito and order some tacos. Robin and WTF Charles order some carne asada tacos. I order some el pastor tacos and some carne asada tacos con nada cuz my women can’t handle the onions, cilantro and salsa. Yah, so what, not everybody likes their taco truck tacos fully loaded. Sometimes people want to just taste the meat you know?!

I can’t memmber too much details cuz the five pitchers of beer between the three of us were catching up, but I swear to god eh the tacos kept coming and they were damned good. The tacos were served with salsa, a wedge of limon and sliced radishes. The meat had a good amount of crispiness on the outside with a good chew and flavor on the inside. The grease level for the el pastor was minimal without the loss of flavor.

Robin had a biased opinion because of his love for Taki Taco, but WTF Charles and I thought El Ranchito was good as fuck. We kept wondering where mother fuckers were coming from to eat @ El Ranchito cuz when we rolled up the truck seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere and there was only one dude eating. After we ordered our tacos a handful of people showed up. There were two esses that rolled up and BYOB’d some Heinekens which I thought was a good idea.

El Ranchito
Near N. Eastern & Huntington Dr., 90032. In front of the AutoZone.

Taco Grade: A
Salsa Grade: n/a
Horchata: n/a
Price: $1.00