December 13, 2006

El Takitaco- Highland Park: 53rd and Fig

El Takitaco
El Takitaco- one the most aptly named Taco Trucks in all of Los Angeles. The tacos are savory and come in the usual flavors: pastor, asada, and carnita with lingua, cabeza and even pollo thrown in for good measure.

2 Pastor and 2 Asada from El Takitaco

The Pastor and Asada tacos are quite salacious. The steak in the asada tacos are finely chopped into even pieces, for easy chewing. The Salsa Roja on the Pastor tacos, is particulary spicy and leave the mouth burning for quite some time after ingestion. Unfortunately, the carnitas were on the dry side but this could have been to due to lateness of our arrival (11:45 PM) and the fact that it was weeknight (Weds.) Timing makes a world of a difference in proper taco preparation protocol.

The pollo tacos go particulary well with salsa verde.

Which is available via pump station…

pump salsa

That’s a first for me. It actually works pretty well, which is suprising considering the seed size in the salsa.
I didn’t get to try the lengua (tounge) and cabeza (cheek) tacos (I have a six taco limit per night). So upon a second visit, a review will be up for those types.

The Cart offered home made Horchata, which gives it extra points, as some carts don’t offer the beverage. Helps tremendously with the spiciness of the salsa roja. Unfortunately, the horchata excellence isn’t consistence. On my first visit- it was quite delicious; on another night I visited just for some Horchata and it was quite bland and watered down.

Overall, the 75 cent price and the general deliciousness of the Asada and Pastor make up for the dry carnitas and watered down horchata. Just watch out for the vagrants hiding around the bushes by the Food for Less.
El Takitaco Grade: A-

The Lowdown:

  • Located on 53rd and Figueroa in Highland Park (By the Food for Less). Appears after 8pm and lingers till about 2 am.
  • 75 cents for your choice of Asada, Pastor, Carnita, Pollo, Lingua or Cabeza tacos.
  • Horchata is so-so.
  • Salsa verde is mild and flavorful. Salsa roja is savory and hot as hell.